About the artist

Donald Bruce Wright is a fine artist residing in the beautiful coastal mountains above the town of Los Gatos, California. To see additional paintings please visit his other website www.donaldbrucewright.com which focuses on a his series of narrative figurative works.

About the art

Still Life Jazz”

Like a jazz player creating unique interpretations of a musical standard, Donald Bruce Wright paints distinctly original versions of an art world standard, ‘the still life.’   His boisterous blooms, staccato stems, and lively leaf inventions are like musical riffs on familiar musical themes.   These creations use colors, shapes and organizational patterns found in nature but they are expressed in new and non-natural ways.   Real life and its structure serve as a point of departure while remaining loosely recognizable in the final work.  Creating these bold energetic floral inventions within a traditional format allows the work to project the contradictory sense of being somehow familiar yet fresh.  By stretching the bounds of what a still life painting can be the artist reminds us of the infinite invention on display in the natural world.

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